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When choosing the right Warewasher (Dishwashers & Glasswashers), there are some things to think about.

Today’s pass through, hood type or under bench dishwashers are smarter, save more energy and wash more effectively than ever before, along with less water consumption, ease of cleaning, operator simplicity, locality of parts, readily availability of service.

Choosing the right model is very important as each model has benefits and limitations. No matter what the size of the venue it’s always best practice to use a separate machine to wash glasses and another machine to wash dishes/ other items, in larger scale operations a utensil washer may even be needed.

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When choosing a model ...

You will find loads of refined and new features from wash and rinse arms that deliver better coverage up to wash chambers for a better output. Consider the door opening measurements, ventless capabilities, to a pass through or under bench option when specifying a model. Does it need a canopy, heat exchange or a condensing unit as more versatile option to be compliant under local laws?

Manufacturing standards push the limits, to get dishes clean and washed with a wash cycle that delivers a 65 degree temperature, followed by a rinse cycle that distributes an 82 degree water cycle to effectively sanitise your dishware in accordance with Australian Standards.

There are many factors that can determine what unit to consider – Space, power, exhaust, results, work flow below is a guide on recommended installations